Our Philosophy

Our basic philosophy is that in the practice of law, it is far better to be proactive than reactive. To achieve the best results for a client, whether in litigation or in the transactional setting, it is best to not simply react to what occurs. Instead, we believe in being prepared, thinking several moves ahead of the other side, and being the party to create momentum.

In litigation, we recognize every matter is unique. We focus on developing a winning strategy custom-tailored to each specific case.

One of our firmís most powerful tools in obtaining a successful result is our willingness, ability and desire to litigate a case all the way through trial and appeal if necessary. We believe one of the best ways to achieve satisfactory settlement is to communicate to the opposition, either directly or indirectly, that the case is headed for trial. When our adversaries know we are prepared to go to trial, the tone of settlement discussion inevitably changes.

On the transactional side, our proactive approach means staying on top of the law related to our clients' needs, and using our litigation experience to better develop transactional documents. Knowing first hand how business relationships can end in litigation gives us an important perspective in assisting our transactional clients with their non-litigation needs.

Let us use our proactive approach to your benefit.