Meet our Staff

A firm cannot achieve strong results unless it has superb administrative support on a day-to-day basis. The firm is fortunate enough to have a full time support staff comprised of an office manager, a trained paralegal, a secretary, and a number of file/law clerks. These individuals are the firmís backbone in terms of the administrative support they provide on virtually every case. When it comes time to preparing a case for trial or arbitration, these individuals prove invaluable. Our staff members are:

Jannelle Pedersen 
Janelle Pedersen doubles as both an attorney and the firm's Chief Administrative Officer. As the senior member of the staff, Janelle is charged with the primary responsibility of preparing all client invoicing by using her extensive legal experience to assure clear, concise and accurate time and cost accounting and invoicing. She also performs the firm's day-to-day accounting and is instrumental when providing trial administrative support while in the midst of preparing for a trial or arbitration.

Kristina Coronado 
Kristina Coronado serves as the firm's Senior Legal Assistant. Efficient, sharp, and extremely organized, Kristina provides the firm with litigation support ranging from managing, organizing and electronically bate-stamping document productions to preparing case chronologies with cross-references to evidence. Kristina is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish, and is therefore an asset when communicating with our Spanish-speaking clientele. She is a California Licensed Notary Public, and is on her way to achieving her certified Paraglegal status. She graduated at the top of her class at Kensington College of Paralegal Studies in 2006, is currently a fulltime student at a local college pursuing a B.A. in Business Economics, and has set her eye on advancing to law school and eventually becoming a licensed attorney. Kristina is a member of the National Association for Legal Professionals.

Lupe Osorio 
Lupe Osorio is the firm's primary Secretary. Lupe is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the law firm such as preparing, filing and serving pleadings and correspondence, as well as managing the firm's client intake process whereby she monitors the status of hundreds of possible matters the firm is asked to consider. Lupe is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish, and is therefore able to communicate effectively with our Spanish-speaking clients. Lupe also serves as one of the main contacts of our firm for its Spanish-speaking clientele. Lupe is responsible for the day-to-day managing of the firm's Receptionist and File Clerk to ensure the firm's filing system is always up to date. Finally, Lupe logs, monitors and electronically scans all incoming and outgoing documents as an integral part of the firm's digital paperless environment.