Insurance Coverage Related Matters

The following summaries are cases handled by PL personnel. They are provided to give you a basic understanding of the kinds of cases our personnel have been comfortable with handling in the past, and the results achieved for these former clients. Please understand that we cannot make any guarantees about how your matter may turn out, and the similarity between the facts of your matter and any of these summaries does not mean you will get the same result. All litigation is very fact-specific, and the facts of your case will dictate the results that can be achieved.

Business Litigation Matters

Electronics Manufacturer vs. Vendor, Orange County Superior Court.

Client manufacturer was sued by one of its vendors asserting a failure to pay for certain technology. Client had rejected the technology for failure to conform to specifications. After a five-day trial, the court entered judgment for the client, and ordered defendant to pay all of client’s attorney fees. Client prevailed again when defendant appealed the judgment, and defendant was forced to pay attorneys fees incurred on appeal as well.

Clients vs. Former Attorney, Los Angeles Superior Court.

The firm represented the defendant attorney in an interpleader and malpractice action brought by two disgruntled clients. The amount in controversy was in excess of $250,000. The three week jury trial resulted in a 12-0 verdict in favor of the client on all counts.

Purchasing Entity of Company vs. Prior Owner, Orange County Superior Court.

Firm's client was the buyer of a corporation who received a consulting agreement from the prior owner. The prior owner refused to perform under the agreement, and a lawsuit was filed seeking declaratory relief that client had right to terminate the consulting agreement and terminate further payments thereunder. A four-day trial resulted in judgment for the plaintiff client. The amount in controversy was in excess of $390,000. Client was awarded its attorney fees as well.

Telecommunications Company vs. Telecommunications Company, Los Angeles Superior Court.

The firm represented client in a multi-million dollar contract dispute which included a substantial alter ego issue covering 15 shell companies. The matter involved over 10,000 interrogatories, requests for admissions and document demands, the production of over 100,000 documents, and the appointment and substantial use of a discovery referee. The matter successfully settled for an amount that is confidential.

Commissioned Sales Executive vs. Major Telecommunications Corporate Employer, Orange County Superior Court.

We were one of two attorneys who successfully represented the plaintiff in a case involving a substantial seven-figure commission dispute. The case settled prior to trial. The amount of settlement is confidential.

One Individual vs. Another Individual, San Diego Superior Court.

Our client was sued for negligence, slander, false imprisonment and battery. A six-day jury trial resulted in a judgment which was in an amount less than the client had offered to settle the matter for pre-trial.

Surety Bond Company vs. Corporate Principal, United States District Court for the Central District of California.

Firm defended the principal of a construction corporation sued by a bonding company to enforce a personal guaranty purportedly executed by the principal. The amount in controversy was alleged to exceed $3 million. The settlement reached is confidential.

Other subjects include the following:

Attorney-client fee arbitration to adjudicate proper amount of fees to be paid by client to attorney.

A federal court litigation by the United States against the holder of a student loan where in the government was wrongfully asserting default by the borrower.