Business General Counsel Services

The attorneys of the Pedersen Law have unique experiences and abilities to assist businesses and individuals with many non-litigation aspects of their needs.

Mr. Pedersen's experiences blend a substantial litigation practice with actual in-house counsel and human resources department experience, making his skill-set particularly unique.

Many companies look to the firm to act as an outside General Counsel, whereby we are asked to advise and counsel on a wide range of issues. If needed, our attorneys are quick to identify areas where a legal specialist may be needed, and we assist in the identification, engagement and management of such specialty legal assistance, much in the same way an in-house general counsel would do. In short, the firm can provide your company with the same personalized care as an inside General Counsel, without the substantial expense of keeping an attorney "on staff."

In addition to general counsel services, our attorneys often assist in-house general counsel with special needs as well. Whether you have an attorney on staff or not, we can be a valuable tool for you and your company.

A sampling of the general counsel work for which our attorneys can provide able assistance follows: